Hello Canada!

Welcome to the place where royalists hate the most: people speaking their mind about the monarchy as it is. What is it? Putrid, hateful evil, as vile and scummy as those who polish their chains with masturbatory frenzy and yearns to enslave others.

Mind you that royalists are intolerant to differences of opinion and will try to silence their opponents. They are frankly opponents of democracy, liberty, equality and justice. Such people, of course, along with conservatives, are either severely  pig-ignorant, completely deranged, utterly terrified, ambitious, or all four. These are the members of a powerful personality cult disguised as a harmless celebrity fan club, hellbent on not only wrongfully preventing the destruction of their evil monarchy, their weak, fake patriotism, and their fragile, psychotic fantasies, but also striving to destroy and even reverse the advances of democracy, liberty, equality and justice, through lies, deceit, misinformation and brainwashing of the most gullible people on earth: Canadians. They are the refuse of empire, the neocolonialists and orientalists that yearn for demand heavier chains, and sees other people as only fit for slaves.

Their enablers are, of course, the monarchs of Great Britain, the Canadian and provincial governments, ordinary Canadians who are divided, poor, weak and ignorant, and centrist wimpy fuckers like Tom Freda, who, along with other closet royalists posing as republicans that make up the Citizens for a Canadian Republic group, engage in purges within the movement to smear and silent “extremists” in an attempt to monopolize the movement and to silent dissent.

What say you?

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