Help! We’re Being Oppressed!

Among the many heads of the dreaded royalist-fascist hydra, a new fear-based organization has quietly reared its ugly head. The English-Canadian Coalition is yet another far-right group of paranoid lunatics with a persecutory complex, and the delusion that somehow, for whatever reason, the English language is under attack. To make things worse, they tend to confuse an independent country with a colony, if you take notice of the crown in their logo, and the old Confederation flag. They even have a modified picture of Canada with Quebec and Nunavut are missing. These people clearly exist to advance the anti-democracy, anti-equality agenda of the Old Colonialists, who still believe in empire, obedience to authority, and the absence of democracy and civil rights. They’re probably American conservatives who want English as an official language of the United States trying to influence Canada, too, for whatever reason. But who knows.

Like Hitler, these bigots are deliberately appealing to the most basic of human instincts, impulses and prejudices; and in this new hate group’s case, they are appealing to the most bizarre and uniquely Canadian prejudices: language. Of course, like our anti-Americanism, this kind of bigotry is something we’ve inherited from our British masters.

One thought on “Help! We’re Being Oppressed!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Agree with most of what you say although I don’t think anti-Americanism is something we inherited from the Brits. It’s a well-deserved skepticism of the elephant next door. As to ECC, I wouldn’t take them too seriously. At best, it’s a joke laid out for us to relieve some of the foreboding we feel as a result of the monarchist Conservatives.

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