All Horn and No Engine

Last night Tom Freda’s gang infiltrated the “New” Democratic Party and began passing around cards that consisted of a black-and-white maple leaf, a website address, and a laughable moniker that read: “It’s time for a national debate on the monarchy.” Really? Not, you know, actually get rid of that undemocratic pestilence? Freda is only interested in babbling and talking, not doing. Let’s not just talk about it, let’s get rid of it! But alas, as usual, Freda parades as the sole unelected representative of republicans across the nation, like he’s the queen of the republicans, while launching purges against people who call royals vermin and royalists the plague.

I mean look at this thing!

Look at this! What the fuck, people?! A card?! That’s it?!?! A fucking card, in an utterly bland design, with a pointless black-and-white maple leaf, a tepid, uninspiring, obscure, stupid phrase that’s meant to not offend anyone (considering how PC Tom is) and could be used by the royalists in a different light, and a website address because, you know, people have now become allergic to reading shit on paper for some reason. Oh such fucking impact! Yeah! In the opposite direction! It’s 2012 and Ol’ Fuck Freda decided the best way to do anything about the monarchy is to not make people manifestly aware of what the fucking monarchy even is, and just pass around cards that urge people to only talk about it.

Seriously, this doesn’t do anything! What is this, a fucking joke? The CCR, which started ten years ago, has done nothing at all, and has allowed this “country” to crawl backwards.

What say you?

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