Our Graceous Queen

Here’s to 60 years of dictatorship! Or, as the royalists would describe it, of “service.” And by “service,” they would mean sixty years of someone who was forced on us without our say or consent not doing anything to hurt us directly, but only allowing us to be hurt by her instruments of power (the G20 in Toronto, anyone?).

Since Canadians are still deluded by the concept of Canada as a country, may I remind you of this from the Preamble of the British North America Act of 1867:

WHEREAS the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have expressed their desire to be federally united into one dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom; and whereas such a union would conduce to the welfare of the provinces and promote the interests of the British Empire.

This is proof, assholes, that we’re not a country. We only pretend to be, thanks to generations of idiots, some of whom were elected Prime Minister, who have been brainwashed by the church-run schools into being obedient loyal to our master that was appointed by blood God without our consent. Yeah, we’re definitely an independent country by promoting the interests of one of the most evil empires in all of history! Not the interests and welfare of the people but of the provinces and Empire. This is in no way the creation of a democratic country.

What say you?

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