Definition of Monarchy

Here’s a rare gem describing what most people on the Canadian left that defend while simultaneously claim to fight for equality, with comments between brackets being mine:

MONARCHY: A government that has a single person who is generally considered the ruler by the title and birthright. Titles include: Czar, King, Queen, Emperor, Caesar, etc… Power is absolute and is either taken through conquest or passed down to family members without regard for ability or appropriateness. [If monarchy has no power, then why does the BNA Act explicitly states that executive authority and power is vested in the monarch, and never specifies any powers? And so much for equality, considering that you can’t even become or have a say in who should be head of state] Society is formed around feudal groups or tribes in which the ruling family delegates power and authority based upon the desires of a single individual. Power struggles are common. A monarchy is based upon a class system where those of a certain birthright are perceived to be of superior intellect and strength to those not of the same family line. [Eugenics, anyone?] The resources and wealth of a country is generally preserved solely for the hedonistic and self-fulfilling desires of the reigning monarch with little regard for the general population or its welfare. [Allowed Harper to suspend parliament twice, did nothing during the G20 or the October Crisis, visits Canada as opposed to living here and do her job] The inhabitants of a country under a monarch are alive to serve the monarch. [The very definition of a subject] In contrast the inhabitants of a republic are served by the their leaders. Examples of Monarchy include Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Monaco.

This definition, of course, is very commonplace throughout the internet, and something Canadians tend to overlook, specifically those on the left who falsely claim to be fighting for equality.

What say you?

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