Olympic Patriotism

On August 4th, I snapped a photo of what I’ve been catching my eye with for days in the display windows of the Bay, from another window on eastbound Queen streetcar during these the Olympic games, because it is one of the most questionable displays of “patriotism” and one of the most sickening sights I’ve ever seen.

Pardon the reflection, but there wasn’t any filtering feature in the camera, which was a cheap digital camera I got from Canon.

Now what place on this blue marble would have the nerve to call itself independent yet feature the emblem and colours of one of their former “mother countries”? Canada, of course, which really isn’t a country anyway. Canada blindly and gladly pretends to be a power, trying to hide the trinkets of the British Empire with the illusion of independence, when we’re really a British colonial outpost with much autonomy but not really independent or democratic. We have our own legislature, our own army, and even our own flag, but we’re still British, regardless of how many French people live within and outside Quebec. The  head of state is the Queen of the United Kingdom, a monarch, which is essentially in every way imaginable and possible undemocratic, as is our senators, provincial chief executives (not to be confused with the chief of provincial government) and the chiefs of some Indian reservations that are scattered broadly across this vast land.

And before you even raise the fact that the Olympic games are being held in London, England of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that other countries, even the shittier ones, wouldn’t go as far as to put up the flag of the country they’re competing against. What this display does show, however, is the reality that Canada is in no was an independent sovereign nation, but to paraphrase Pravda, a British colonial outpost with the Queen, eternally useless and celebrity for doing nothing, smiling on our stamps.

What say you?

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