McGimpy Pulls A Harper

I’ve always hated McGimpy. Even before I came to this fair province, the sumbitch was already a troublesome figure in my eyes, a villainous creature that was fundamentally slimy in all directions. The HST, his dismissal of holding a provincial referendum on the HST, the G20, the Secret Law that the undemocratic, unelected, obscure, and politically irrelevant Ontario Privy Council imposed without consent of the provincial legislature, and now this. A couple days ago, because his resignation is so earth shatteringly important, that he decides to suspend the legislature till a new leader for the Liberal Party of Ontario is chosen. What the fuck is this, people? This should cause a provincial uproar, but alas, Ontarians are like people of Saskatchewan: servile, dull, cowardly, and accepting of the abuses of their provincial government. They didn’t even raise a snit when the “secret” law was imposed on Ontario without consent of the provincial legislature for the sake of what was really a federal matter. This is why the executive should be separated from the legislative branch (which can only be possible in a republic). This, and the fact that the federal Minister of Women voted in favour of a motion that concerned the point where life begins.

To be honest, there should be an HST . . . on all goods and services that cost over $100, so that we at least bring some relief to those in poverty, and more burdens to those who are hoarding all the money.

What say you?

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