The War of 1812 Lie

Unlike many Canadians, I am not among the ranks of those who actually believe that Canada existed before confederation. It’s a scientific and historical fact that Canada did not exist until 1867. Before that, there was Upper Canada and Lower Canada, which were two separate British colonies. Canada today is, since 1867, a confederation of British colonies, creating a unified British colony. Yet alas, even the stupid Canadians on the left have bought into this myth, and brag on about their British heritage since they suffer from a crippling inferiority complex that is and has been constantly reinforced by the governments of all levels. The Canadian governments, being federal, provincial and local, are complicit in the spreading of ignorance among Canadians through lies wrapped up in dazzling displays. Canadians believe, for instance, that the Prime Minister is elected.

No he isn’t. The guy whom the party with the most seats chooses to be its leader gets to be Prime Minister. Take a look at your ballot and you’ll find only candidates for the seats in your riding. No category for Prime Minister is on there. Now people will say, “Well, we elect the Prime Minister indirectly.” Why? Why is that? Why should it be like that? Why can’t we elect our PM directly? Because he’s not the head of state, right? The monarchy of Britain is. So let’s sever ties with Britain and elect our own head of state.

But Canadians won’t listen. No.

Just like they don’t listen to those saying that Canada didn’t exist in 1812, when the British invaded the United States.

What say you?

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