A New Low: Globe And Fail

The Globe And Mail, a royalist rag no doubt, has dipped into a new low when it published a government rag in a form of an editorial that exposed both the paper’s absence of journalistic standards and the crank author’s wealth of ignorance and of hatred for anything both American and democratic when it unfairly criticized a video game called Assassin’s Creed III, accusing it of “unfairly distorting history.” Ironically, the fluff piece itself distorts history by falsely stating that the events take place in 1765 when in fact it was set during the American Revolutionary War, and in fact there actually were native American tribes that did side with the Patriots, along with the French, Spanish, Dutch and even Indians from, well, India. Indeed there were native tribes who fought alongside the British (as well as ze Germans), but they (along with ze Germans) fought on the wrong side.

Reading it carefully, it is obviously like something either a conservative government official or a member of the Monarchist League would have dictated to his secretary and released, considering the language used, it’s pro-royalist stance, it’s pathetic pandering to the First Nations of Canada who have been in fact victims of the Crown from start to finish, it’s overall ignorance of history and gaming, the absence of an author’s name, and it’s very nerve to mention the war 1812. The piece is as accurate as the idea that Canada existed in 1812.

It’s just a game, people! Not a history lesson!

One thought on “A New Low: Globe And Fail

  1. It’s strange that you should have this post up, especially in light of how a number of Canadians (including my father) have scorned Argo, the most recent Oscar winner for Best Picture, for its crappy history. Are we really so different from the Americans there?

    By the way, I represent left-of-centre interests, and I love your site!

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