Bracanov Deserves a Medal

Never in the Commonwealth of Nations, the modern British Empire, has anyone ever been so daring against that filthy evil cancer called monarchy.

On the 15th of this month, a man in New Zealand was arrested for planning to chuck manure at that spoilt brat Prince Charles, the heir to the throne despite popular opinion. Sam Bracanov was a known anti-monarchist who was planning to do what we Canadians should be doing: to rise up and show their discontent towards the monarchy. “He didn’t qualify with his brain, he qualified with his body, and what (the) body produce(s) goes to toilet, so I would hit him with what goes to toilet,” he told reporters, addressing them while sitting on an upturned rubbish bin. This wasn’t the first time, however, he attempted to attack the royals. In 1994, the hero attempted to spray Chuff-Muncher Charlie with air freshener to, according to Sam’s words, “remove the stink of royalty.”

Drop the charges against this man and give him a medal for courage!


What say you?

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