Kate, Prince William’s wife, is now pregnant. And the Canadian media has gone haywire over it, gushing with articles about this “exciting news.” If you read Canadian articles about the monarchy, they all become gossip columns, mainly focussing about style or other bourgeois petty soap opera drama. These, folks, rule our country. They didn’t earn power by consent of the governed. Oh no. Some evil fucker somewhere, in an effort to control the common folk and their land as his own property, invented the concepts of divine right and royal birthright. What is royal birthright? Simply put, it is the so-called right of someone to inherit things, land and people as private property. A government office is inherited like some private property. Nevermind self-governance of the people. God, if he exists, does something totally undemocratic and, without consent of the people, who could’ve been consulted with at least, chooses a leader for them. Anyone can claim such a right. No matter what “bloodline” they belong to, they are and should earn their place like everyone else. They aren’t special.

What say you?

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