The Old Whore’s Annual Christmas Message ~ NOW in Pointlessvision!!!

Every year, the Old Whore of Windsor makes an annual address to all her royal subjects on Jesus Day. Last month last year, she did it in 3D.


What on earth was the fucking point to begin with? To impress the young folk? To make her wrinkles or the details of her white hair stand out more? And as usual, a rather vague and heavily scripted message sputtered out, this time about “service” and “friendship,” the nonsense that the scummy lovers of this patronizing wench that isn’t even Canadian love to hear.

And just how the fuck would anyone be watching this in 3D? Were there 3D glasses mailed to every household? Did fuckwits have to  make their own? None of this shit makes sense!

I would’ve only watched it for research purposes, but I’m smarter than that. Wouldn’t want to run the risk of becoming dumber . . . or have the eyes bleed me blind with boredom, the sight of monarchy, and 3D.

God damn the Queen and her fascist regime. And God damn every little bastard member of her cult of personality that nip at her heels and whine about their freedom of speech being attacked whenever someone damns them for being blithe, blathering idiots with inferiority complexes too fragile for even a tender breeze.

What say you?

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