The Historical Fallacy

One of the lamest excuses to conserve monarchy is the historical fallacy, that the Crown gives Canada a history. Nevermind what it actually did, but that it was somehow there during these events. The most often cited historical event is the insignificant War of 1812 when we non-violent, anti-war Canadians allegedly burned down the whitehouse. I could say that the Colonialists in the American Colonies fought the French in the Seven Years War. Hell, at that time, George Washington fought with the British. Yet did that little fact prevent the Colonists from fighting for independence from their mother country? Of course not! Nor should it be an excuse for Canadians and Canada to conserve something that is not only far away and foreign but essentially unequal and undemocratic. Its like saying that because killing the women of your family to protect the honour of your family not because of anything rational about it (because there’s absolutely nothing rational about that but rather everything wrong about that) but because it’s been happening for so long. Then there’s something wrong with you. There’s also something inherently wrong with you if you think that the British wouldn’t fight for its territory, or think that Canada existed in 1812. We exist, yes, but as a dominion, not as a sovereign state.

The reason the royalists, no doubt, keep mentioning the Americans invading our soil (which in fact was in response to the Brits invading America, a fact that all royalists and Canadian “historians” ALWAYS leave out) is because there is in their dark little hearts a bitterness from the loss of territory of their so-precious empire by their own people, who fought for a newfound country that set its own course and, unlike us, made its own history.

What say you?

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