When Freedom Died (RIP Let Freedom Rain)

RIP Let Freedom Rain (2008-2013)

Yesterday, the host of Let Freedom Rain, Jymn Parett, a friend of mine, shut down his blog, possibly due to a severe nervous breakdown instigated by a bunch of feminist pieces of shit and leftie blowhards who subjected the poor man to abuse and censorshit, because he wrote a post about his past experience with being bullied by female bosses and superiors. While he confused workplace bullying with the modern militant online feminism, and how his bosses seem to represent that, I have no problem with someone like him venting and ranting on his own blog in what he deemed the most important piece of writing in his entire life. Years of frustration and plugged-up feelings, combined with unemployment and depression, led him to exercising his inherent right to freedom of speech. While I’m against the monarchy, I’m also against censorship of any form, and am in favour of virtually total freedom of speech. However morally reprehensible and repugnant or inaccurate (Jymn was neither of the first two, but even if he was inaccurate, he has right to speak freely and openly and vent the fury that’s been bottled up inside him for YEARS), the solution by the left has, regrettably, not been countering such vileness with truth and speech that is equally offensive or even better in speech, but prison time.

Jymn, I hope you’re out there, and I hope you recover soon. I don’t know what I can do on my end to help out but please be all right!

6 thoughts on “When Freedom Died (RIP Let Freedom Rain)

  1. It is sad when people who write to express their own opinions don’t feel free to do it anymore. Trying to intuit compassionately, I expect Jymn may have had other issues on his mind, and this unpleasantness merely tipped him over a line he was close to already. If someone tries impolite or emotionally manipulative comments on my blog, I just “delete” and don’t give it a second thought.

    • Well, I think what tipped him over the edge was when after the post in question was briefly cross-posted with a feminist blog, that same blog deleted it. The poor bastard also received an extremely cold-hearted comment by a user named reginamom (who’s also a feminist blogger from Regina, Saskatchewan) by suggesting that he should go to a therapist. As a solution to the grief he’s suffered from years of abuse by his female employers. That heartless bitch should know better than to blame the victim, of what it feels like.

  2. CanPat – your thoughtfulness and consideration are much appreciated. Your emails have not gone unnoticed. Scott Tribe noticed my predicament and offered to help me reinstate LFR on Progressive Bloggers. If I can figure out how to do it, the old blog will be back. Otherwise, I’m back anyway with fresh posts at the same address. And I am NOT taking any prisoners this time.

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