Ze Babies!!! Part Deux

I’m so sick of the Canadian media (especially that ultra-conservative twin of SUNTV called Yahoo! News) has been trying to incite a frenzy among royal cultists/fans over Kate Middleton’s baby. Now it’s about whether it’ll be a girl or not. Not only do I not care, but I think our attention and time would be less wasted if we were to focus on the policies of the baby. Suppose the baby was a transsexual? What is its policies on Canadian . . . oh, wait, that’s right. It’s British. How could we NOT remember that?! This is extremely dangerous, to make monarchy appealing to the youth, especially women who go all giddy about marriage and looking pretty and having babies, who know nothing about politics or democracy. Imagine some decades now, they become royalists because of sickeningly fond memories of . . . well, the news of this. “Oh, I remember how Kate Middleton was having a baby, and whether or not it would be a boy or a girl.” You remembered it, because our shit media, almost all of it which endorsed one of the most corrupt political parties in the dominion in the last federal election, and most evil, deviant, crooked part of the political spectrum in the history of the earth, told you it was, and told you that you should like it.

Brainless fuckups will only admire the royal family. I don’t shit a damn about whether they’re fat old ladies who wish they were young, or thin, or less fugly. To admire this couple, to have this perverted fixation on the sex its baby, and anything royal, is disgusting. People here in Canada are shallow, easily fooled, pretty fucking obnoxious, and easily distracted by shiny objects, in this case the tin hat and stuffed chair that people in a specific family get to inherit, regardless of popular opinion. We’re so pathetic that rather than simply putting our hopes and interests into action by voting for our head of state (and NO! We can’t vote for our prime minister!), we’re hoping the next in line gets something done about climate change or poverty, much like an abused house wife hopes her husband doesn’t gouge out her eyes out like the last time he tried to. And rather than actually doing something about it, we republicans, right now, are merely griping or seeking to compromise because we’re so scared of shedding a drop of blood to get exactly what we want, while howling with pride about how we won a war where we didn’t even exist at the time.

What say you?

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