The Harper Shuffle

In recent non-news, Harper has shuffled his cabinet, giving the same people different positions because they sucked Harper’s cock the longest, hardest, and best.

For me, the idea of merging the executive branch with the legislative branch is not holding the executive accountable at all, and is merely deplorable. I thought the media, the people (through their votes), and the legislature is supposed to hold the executive accountable, and vice versa, which is how a proper republic should work. A monarch has no merit whatsoever because she’s not elected by the people to represent the country entire. Which is why an elected head of state is fundamentally important in a republican form of government.

Ministers are never chosen based on any credentials or merit, but on how much of the PM’s cock how often and how long they can do it. This is why someone who was, for example, first an Education Minister but then suddenly becomes Justice Minister, like Don Morgan in Saskatchewan. What credentials did this person merit? Why wasn’t Parliament consulted on this, to hold the bastard responsible for anything that his branch does? He isn’t accountable to Parliament because parliament didn’t approve of who would be in charge with, say, health. What’s worse is that these, including the Prime Minister, are composed of MPs. This doesn’t hold cabinet accountable, but rather gives the Prime Minister undue influence in legislating, and denies certain sections of the population their right to have a say in Parliament, even on matters that they and some MPs in the same party would disagree with the PM or the party on. This is a way of muzzling voices in even cabinet.

This is something that has to change. You shouldn’t just shuffle MPs around without consent of Parliament, let alone appoint anyone without Parliamentary consent, or even allow MPs to be Prime Minister or minister of anything. But then again this would be reforming a system of government that should be abolished and replaced with something that works, that wouldn’t have these problems. Don’t start with me on the parliamentary form of government, be them royal or “republican.” There’s nothing different between the two, being both have rubber stamping puppets as ceremonial symbols, and I would never advocate for either that form of republic or for a presidential republic, where the President is both head of state and head of government like that of the United States, whose power is excessive and is almost that of an elected monarch.

What say you?

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