Saskatoon: Earth’s Anus

In recent news, an ugliness has once more resurfaced in the so-called Paris of the Prairies. Joni Mitchell rightfully called out Saskatoon for what it is: extremely bigoted, a place from the deep south. And she’s absolutely right. If Windsor is “earth’s rectum,” then Saskatoon is earth’s anus.

I and a friend of mine used to live there. He and I didn’t know each other back then, but moved to greener pastures around the same time. His name, of course, is Mik. Mik was, in Saskatoon, a struggling filmmaker who had few to no friends and many enemies that preyed upon him due to his non-white ethnic makeup. He was, of course, inspired to work on an epic first film that, to this day, has remained unfinished. It was about bullying, and it was set in Saskatoon. Mik wanted to use local talent, local workers, and local resources, albeit a few from outside the City, to make it. The problem was he was also alone and had few friends and many enemies.

Five years ago, he was subjected to wrongful accusations, wrongful arrests, and wrongful convictions, with his accusers slandering Mik’s “mental illness” and “behavioural problems” in order to discredit him, and the incompetent police, the psychiatric doctors, and the useless, treacherous lawyers (one of whom was manifestly mentally ill) and his own treacherous, controlling granny who has been abusing him psychologically since birth. Two of the accusers were two former friends of his. One of the accusers he was trying to reach peaceful terms with. But because people didn’t think, didn’t care, didn’t read evidence, didn’t ask him any goddamn questions and essentially didn’t do their jobs, he was fucked. Even after the unjust thirty-day time limit to file an appeal which was delayed because of meddling by his granny who refused to do simple tasks while Mik was reeling from psychological deterioration in spite of leaving prison, which made the aftermath of his psychological collapse even worse. Now he’s considering suicide after five years of attempting to file an appeal, and several more months wasted trying to sue the vermin that screwed him. The ever manipulative, fraudulent control freak and sufferer of biased assimilation (the tendency to accept information that confirms one’s prior belief) Peter Garden was among the scum that screwed Mik in the ass by selling him out  to the cops over a flier that was calling for an investigation into the abusive behaviour of a specific police officer, just because one of the people that worked with him found it insulting. In other words, Peter Garden attempted to lay false accusations against an innocent person because he doesn’t like it when the local police forces are insulted, despite being the owner of a book store that caters to the Left and is falsely claiming to fight for change.

Even before this, Mik was royally screwed in every way. His friends were lukewarm at best. The discrimination is very, very subtle, wrapped up on purple oratory. Even the hippies and the goths are like that, with a very deep south, very small town mentality, with everyone knowing each other. Joni Mitchell was spot-on.

What say you?

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