Hitler Suspends Parliament for the 3rd Time


A little belated in the news, yes. But … what is there to write here? For the third time, as promised, the little bastard Harper shuts down parliament for a third time, and will begin a new session next month.

I’m beginning to doubt that we should ever have a parliament as a legislature, especially for the coming republic. In fact, parliamentary legislatures may be partially responsible for the majority of the world’s problems. In fact, parliament is the worst concept of a legislature in the history of humanity. I think I’m going to write about the evils of a parliamentary legislature soon. I’ve had enough. Not only should we abolish ties to the British monarchy, we should also depose of this British style of government that we’re living under, provincially and nationally! As if Harper getting re-elected despite his sins and losing a motion of non-confidence was what proved the concept of a parliament to be a farce.

And no one is rioting in the streets because of how divided we are as a so-called “country”.

What say you?

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