In Contempt of City Council

As part of the requirement to govern, government is obligated to protect the innocent, the law abiding, the citizen from crime and corruption, to act swiftly upon it wherever it is found and to ensure there are no circumstances that would cause it to rise again. In light of the recent events in Kiev, when Ukraine’s version of Rob Ford at its national level was removed from power after months of protest that ended in violence and bloodshed, one wonders why on earth no such thing has been happening in the streets of Ottawa or the District of Colombia. There has been a lull for a number of weeks over the halls of power in the City Council. If anyone is at fault for keeping our dear mayor in power despite the series of scandals he’s been embroiled in, it’s City Council. They didn’t go far enough when they decided to merely remove his powers and transfer them to the office of the Deputy Mayor. They didn’t go far enough in light of the fact that he not only repeatedly lied to the public about his drug habit, which does affect his performance and demonstrates his irresponsibility as our chief magistrate, but his attempt to cover up the existence of a video smoking crack cocaine. If this had happened in the United States, the majority of councillors would’ve lost their seats either within a few days via recall, or after the next election, surrounding a media frenzy, for merely removing the mayor’s powers. Why would they want to keep a crackhead in office? Some of them say it’s democracy. I say it’s not democracy, but mob rule.

We the Canadians, who absurdly place more value on civility than on justice, along with a shabby education system, rely heavily, if not solely, on the honour system that we’ve adapted from our British masters, where we must blindly trust people in power to do the right thing, to rehabilitate the corrupt rather than punish them and remove them from office, in exchange for forfeiting our right to criticize them, even insult and abuse them.

As the fiasco at the City Hall of Hogtown enters another quiet period, and the police continue to investigate our chief executive, with some locals speculating that he might be behind the murder of one of the members of organized crime that was with him when the chilling photo of them in front of the crack house was taken, one must ask the question why the hell is this man still in office? Any decent country or town would’ve ousted their chief executive faster than one would exhale, ongoing police investigation or not. While people in the same province that never raised a fit over a “secret law” that was imposed on the province in 2010, without the consent, debate, or even oversight of the Ontario’s Legislature, city council had at least stripped Ford of his powers and delegated them to the Deputy Mayor, yet turned our rotund chief magistrate into a living irony by making him a figurehead that does nothing but collects his paycheque, much to the disappointment of Ford and his band of degenerate lapdogs that make up “Ford Nation”.

The problem is, of course, our council’s weakness and inability to go further than

City Council has been lukewarm and half-hearted in their actions to make the chief executive of our fair city more accountable by merely removing his powers yet for some reason want to keep him in office.


What say you?

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