Rob Ford

is the reason why we need more democracy in this country. And NO … that’s not putting it sarcastically.
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Thanks to the diseased system of government called constitutional monarchy, the way governments at every level of this God-forsaken portion of the earth is crafted in such a way, that we cannot hold any level of government accountable. In Ford’s case, we can’t oust him from power … just like we can’t oust the monarchy, under our current system. Corrupt politicians, especially in a republic, aspire to be a monarch. Rob Ford and his equally scummy, equally corrupt brother Doug, are mad with power. Their arrogance and ignorance are astronomical. Now some royalists babble on about “Well, politicians last for only a short time, but monarchs last forever.” That is not just the mantra of fascism, the mantra of a crazed nut calling for a dictatorship, to chain others to their favourite celebrity. This demonstrates the failure of royalists to grasp the reason why a republican head of state is elected, why he should be impeached, why he should serve only a few years, and why he should only serve an extremely small number of terms. You have a corrupt politician like Rob Ford in power? In a decent country he’d be already impeached and arrested thereafter for the great number of abuses he’s used his office for, and for the criminal acts he’s committed, including drug possession and assaulting a democratically elected representative. This is the behaviour of a tyrant, a monster, an aspiring monarch who cares not about the people that he rules by their consent, but by power at all costs, even at the expense of the people of this city, while galvanising the “Ford Nation” who are composed of idiots who blame the media because they don’t like “negative news.”


With Impunity

So American cops working in Canada are not going to be affected by Canadian laws after all, right? When in Rome, do as the fucking Romans do. As long as you’re in my house, you follow my rules.

And to think the War of 1812 did anything. That or the monarchy.

North Korea Will Attack Canada

No insider information on this one. It’s obvious since we have American troops stationed in Canada with their own US Army bases . . . for some reason. And considering current tensions in the Pacific, what makes Canadians think that the North Koreans won’t strike us? Hell, they might even miss and kill civilians!

The War of 1812 Lie

Unlike many Canadians, I am not among the ranks of those who actually believe that Canada existed before confederation. It’s a scientific and historical fact that Canada did not exist until 1867. Before that, there was Upper Canada and Lower Canada, which were two separate British colonies. Canada today is, since 1867, a confederation of British colonies, creating a unified British colony. Yet alas, even the stupid Canadians on the left have bought into this myth, and brag on about their British heritage since they suffer from a crippling inferiority complex that is and has been constantly reinforced by the governments of all levels. The Canadian governments, being federal, provincial and local, are complicit in the spreading of ignorance among Canadians through lies wrapped up in dazzling displays. Canadians believe, for instance, that the Prime Minister is elected.

No he isn’t. The guy whom the party with the most seats chooses to be its leader gets to be Prime Minister. Take a look at your ballot and you’ll find only candidates for the seats in your riding. No category for Prime Minister is on there. Now people will say, “Well, we elect the Prime Minister indirectly.” Why? Why is that? Why should it be like that? Why can’t we elect our PM directly? Because he’s not the head of state, right? The monarchy of Britain is. So let’s sever ties with Britain and elect our own head of state.

But Canadians won’t listen. No.

Just like they don’t listen to those saying that Canada didn’t exist in 1812, when the British invaded the United States.

Olympic Patriotism

On August 4th, I snapped a photo of what I’ve been catching my eye with for days in the display windows of the Bay, from another window on eastbound Queen streetcar during these the Olympic games, because it is one of the most questionable displays of “patriotism” and one of the most sickening sights I’ve ever seen.

Pardon the reflection, but there wasn’t any filtering feature in the camera, which was a cheap digital camera I got from Canon.

Now what place on this blue marble would have the nerve to call itself independent yet feature the emblem and colours of one of their former “mother countries”? Canada, of course, which really isn’t a country anyway. Canada blindly and gladly pretends to be a power, trying to hide the trinkets of the British Empire with the illusion of independence, when we’re really a British colonial outpost with much autonomy but not really independent or democratic. We have our own legislature, our own army, and even our own flag, but we’re still British, regardless of how many French people live within and outside Quebec. The  head of state is the Queen of the United Kingdom, a monarch, which is essentially in every way imaginable and possible undemocratic, as is our senators, provincial chief executives (not to be confused with the chief of provincial government) and the chiefs of some Indian reservations that are scattered broadly across this vast land.

And before you even raise the fact that the Olympic games are being held in London, England of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that other countries, even the shittier ones, wouldn’t go as far as to put up the flag of the country they’re competing against. What this display does show, however, is the reality that Canada is in no was an independent sovereign nation, but to paraphrase Pravda, a British colonial outpost with the Queen, eternally useless and celebrity for doing nothing, smiling on our stamps.

Definition of Monarchy

Here’s a rare gem describing what most people on the Canadian left that defend while simultaneously claim to fight for equality, with comments between brackets being mine:

MONARCHY: A government that has a single person who is generally considered the ruler by the title and birthright. Titles include: Czar, King, Queen, Emperor, Caesar, etc… Power is absolute and is either taken through conquest or passed down to family members without regard for ability or appropriateness. [If monarchy has no power, then why does the BNA Act explicitly states that executive authority and power is vested in the monarch, and never specifies any powers? And so much for equality, considering that you can’t even become or have a say in who should be head of state] Society is formed around feudal groups or tribes in which the ruling family delegates power and authority based upon the desires of a single individual. Power struggles are common. A monarchy is based upon a class system where those of a certain birthright are perceived to be of superior intellect and strength to those not of the same family line. [Eugenics, anyone?] The resources and wealth of a country is generally preserved solely for the hedonistic and self-fulfilling desires of the reigning monarch with little regard for the general population or its welfare. [Allowed Harper to suspend parliament twice, did nothing during the G20 or the October Crisis, visits Canada as opposed to living here and do her job] The inhabitants of a country under a monarch are alive to serve the monarch. [The very definition of a subject] In contrast the inhabitants of a republic are served by the their leaders. Examples of Monarchy include Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Monaco.

This definition, of course, is very commonplace throughout the internet, and something Canadians tend to overlook, specifically those on the left who falsely claim to be fighting for equality.

Our Graceous Queen

Here’s to 60 years of dictatorship! Or, as the royalists would describe it, of “service.” And by “service,” they would mean sixty years of someone who was forced on us without our say or consent not doing anything to hurt us directly, but only allowing us to be hurt by her instruments of power (the G20 in Toronto, anyone?).

Since Canadians are still deluded by the concept of Canada as a country, may I remind you of this from the Preamble of the British North America Act of 1867:

WHEREAS the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have expressed their desire to be federally united into one dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom; and whereas such a union would conduce to the welfare of the provinces and promote the interests of the British Empire.

This is proof, assholes, that we’re not a country. We only pretend to be, thanks to generations of idiots, some of whom were elected Prime Minister, who have been brainwashed by the church-run schools into being obedient loyal to our master that was appointed by blood God without our consent. Yeah, we’re definitely an independent country by promoting the interests of one of the most evil empires in all of history! Not the interests and welfare of the people but of the provinces and Empire. This is in no way the creation of a democratic country.

Stephen Harper a Descendent of Tory Serial Murderers During the American Revolution?

It seems so (pay specific attention to the Descendents section):

Now look, not all people who share the same name are either related, nor, even if they were related, could carry the same traits. Remember, people, this isn’t monarchy. Though could it be possible in Stephen’s case?

The Duel

Well-well, looks like some classic ancient rivalry between Britain and Spain has been rekindled. The saddest part is because we’re still living in mom’s basement, we’ll most likely ourselves be driven or dragged into what would be really a European conflict. Suppose the Spanish are right?

Norwegian Terrorist is a Royalist

Far-right Non-Muslim terrorist of Norway admits he’s a royalist

Here is a classic example of what a royalist really is: a murderous, violent, cold-blooded reactionary that has contempt for democracy, liberty and equality.

“Most nationalists and cultural conservatives are supporters of the monarchy, including myself.” ~ Anders Breivik, Norweigian terrorist, mass murderer of children, royalist pig

Well, from experience, let me say that all conservatives, false nationalists, and both centrist and “liberal” or pseudo-lefties support monarchy.