Hitler Suspends Parliament for the 3rd Time


A little belated in the news, yes. But … what is there to write here? For the third time, as promised, the little bastard Harper shuts down parliament for a third time, and will begin a new session next month.

I’m beginning to doubt that we should ever have a parliament as a legislature, especially for the coming republic. In fact, parliamentary legislatures may be partially responsible for the majority of the world’s problems. In fact, parliament is the worst concept of a legislature in the history of humanity. I think I’m going to write about the evils of a parliamentary legislature soon. I’ve had enough. Not only should we abolish ties to the British monarchy, we should also depose of this British style of government that we’re living under, provincially and nationally! As if Harper getting re-elected despite his sins and losing a motion of non-confidence was what proved the concept of a parliament to be a farce.

And no one is rioting in the streets because of how divided we are as a so-called “country”.


Reductio Ad Hitlerum

Royalists in person may be hard to come by, but whenever you cross one, royalist idiocy isn’t. Among the most stupid of arguments they use is the idea that a demagogue would be elected, he would become a dictator, and lead the country down into a dangerous path. While it may be true, it’s because there isn’t strong check enough checks and balances to ensure such a path isn’t reach. One of them being, of course, the legislature. They speak as if people are elected for life with no checks and balances on their power! The damage royalist lies have done to Canadians and their culture is insurmountable, but a worthy task to reverse and undo, and there’s always the next generation.

A true republic has to be democratic, for a republic cannot be a republic without democracy. There are nations that are not democratic, yet call themselves republics. Those are republics in name only. I for one do not simply accept any kind of republican government, but the right kind of republic. Not a parliamentary republic where a symbolic executive is the rubber-stamping puppet of an unstable and abusive legislature, nor a presidential republic where the president is both the head of government and of state and has powers that can even override that of the legislature. Not one where the president has both broad powers and unlimited terms of office like those of Zimbabwe, Egypt under Mubarak, and Syria under Assad, or one where the president is completely powerless and ineffective and serves one term. These are not true republics but a mockery of them. Same with so-called elected monarchies. And yet royalists, forever familiar only with the concept of the ignorant masses voting against their own interests and unable to tell the similarity between a monarchy and a dictatorship, use these as examples of real republican government.

Among the many arguments royalists use to justify hereditary government, they resort to one of the most stale fallacies imaginable.

Contrary to what royalists, Pharaoh’s Teutonic successor was never elected. True, he tried to use democracy, but only to destroy not just the republican form of government that rose in the aftermath of the First World War and the 1919 German Revolution, but democracy itself. Hitler, like all monarchists, hated democracy. He and his fascist party, the National Socialists, were supported by monarchists, who also hated democracy and wanted to extinguish it. Yet over and over again, royalists use this as an example of what would happen if a republican form of government in any of the commonwealth nations, while deliberately hiding historical fact from their readers. That a demagogue would take power through elections and would serve for life with absolute power … like a monarch. Truth is: Hitler assumed power not through elections or a coup or (according to some Canadian leftists) hate speech, but through political backroom dealings, violence and intimidation by his SS and SA thugs, the exploitation of the public’s resentment towards the punishing conditions of the First World War that crippled and humiliated Germany and of contempt towards the Weimar Republic that was standing on a very flawed constitution, and rumours of a military coup. It wasn’t intended to destroy democracy, but an attempt to keep Hitler under control. This is known historical fact. Not votes. Not a coup. Not hate speech. Royalists, however, tend to exploit the ignorance of the public by using only popular myths about the Austrian Pharaoh and reinforce already existing errors in public knowledge about historical events, to tell them what they want to hear rather than what actually is.

While it is true that demagogues to mislead the people before (Obama being the best case scenario, Napoleon III being the worst, since he was … a monarchist posing as a republican), history has shown that the most common remedy for such people would, when the person in question is revealed to have lied his way into office, simply vote them out in the next election, or wait til they completed their term of office (Bush II), or they would resign under even the threat of impeachment (Nixon) or out of shame. This is such a simple solution to a great fear royalists would use, to presume we have no other alternative. Royalists in general have a distorted, if not limited understanding, of how the democratic process even works, and would often lie to fill up the gaps in their knowledge. They presume republics are unstable simply because they’re republics, while ignoring certain factors that would undermine the very concept of a democratic republic, such as elections being arbitrarily called by the Executive or the Legislature whenever either feels like it, or that there is a weak executive that cannot counter the abuses of the legislature, or a weak legislature that cannot counter the abuses of the executive, complicated voting systems, illiteracy, etc., that can be changed, even if it would require serious effort. Undemocratic institutions would, at best, be abolished, or worst, be simply accepted. And the fear of violence, civil war, and international intervention? Well, these acts are in fact justifiable. Sometimes these are necessary as a last resort, when all other legal and non-violent courses of action either fail or is are available (elections, impeachment, enumerated powers, etc.), and that surrender and acceptance of the state of things is not an option. A person who abuses his office and its weaknesses is not a republican who respects the rule of law, the rights of the people, but a tyrant that aspires to be a monarch, for monarchy is always synonymous to absolute power.

Parliament Cancellation Cancelled

Well, okay, not really because he feels like it. More of he cancels suspension (or, if you want to be really uppity about it, cancels the prorogue) because of the crisis in Syria. And mind you, because he thinks the crisis in Syria is important. Not because MPs think so, or because Canadians like me think so, but because Herpes thinks so. Pretty soon, the Queen will only summon parliament on matters of warfare and taxes and nothing else, especially in improving the quality of life for all Canadians and in providing for the general welfare. Then afterwards, much to the delight of idiots across the country, and to the annoyance of people who will do nothing but bitch about it, Parliament will only be summoned for ceremonial purposes. And the Queen of England will do nothing. As usual.

Oh Fuck, Not This Shit Again!!!

For the third time, now, the most powerful non-existent political office in this pretend country has decided, on a mere whim, to again suspend Parliament and hold a throne speech in October of this year. The excuses from Herpes has been anything but existent, like his office.

What’s very interesting in the article, however, is a small note (I’m certain no-one will ever take notice) is made when mentioning that this wasn’t the first time Herpes suspended parliament to spare himself political embarassment:

“… prorogation, a standard parliamentary tool that has the effect of cancelling any legislation that’s still before the House.”

Is this true? Really? In order to stop a bill from becoming law in Canada, parliament should be suspended by the executive? As opposed to getting the bill vetoed by the chief executive? All that trouble for terminating a bill? Hell, the President of the United States and France respectively don’t terminate bills, but merely return them to Congress or the National Assembly for reconsideration! Reconsideration, where the legislature looks at the bill again, then by vote decides whether to terminate it or pass it again! Why do Canadians prefer to use rocket science for even the simplest of matters is far beyond me!

That said, this is blatantly abuse of power. Not just suspending parliament for any reason, but also dissolving it, especially for non-confidence motions, budget failures, and whenever elections are called whenever the executive feels like it! We may have health care, but that doesn’t justify conserving a shitty form of government, nor any more ties to the British crown!

And once again, the Queen will allow this to happen. And even if she did meddle against it, it’s still interference by someone that isn’t Canadian and wasn’t elected by Canadians. And Canadians won’t riot over this, either. But they should. Against this, and against the Crown as well.


Today is a glorious day in Canadian history as the CRTC denied the northern bastard son of Fox News, the Sun News Network, mandatory carriage for basic cable.

Decent Canadians celebrated after months of speculation and complaints against the TV trash network that spewed tabloid garbage and royalist propaganda equivalent to, as the former, a TV version of Der Stürmer and, as the latter, North Korean exaltation of its own Dear Leader and Eternal President respectively that is now one short of a trinity.

It certainly didn’t help when that fat-assed raving smear-monkey Ezra Levant, who has ultraviolent sexual fantasies of mass murdering every single ethnic, religious and sexual minority under the sun and shade and possibly has ties to neo-Nazis and royalists, colluded with a member from the Harper Cabinet on air to incite hatred and violence against the Roma folk, then pretended to apologize for his raving lunacy. The vile little shit’s been in trouble before, when he wrote an incendiary and inflammatory smear peace against George Soros, who then threatened to sue Levant and the SUN tabloids, to which they did the Canadian thing of cutting, running away, and apologizing to Soros. Soros should’ve sued anyways so that that nomenclatural rip-off of the British tabloid paper would’ve sunk, and Levant would have to live with a wound.

Now give us a few more months before the Sun News Network goes out of business from all the advertising dollars it’s been losing, and hopefully leaves conservatives and the likes of Tom Freda, an ardent centrist and militant sell-out, pissing tears and on their knees. A special thanks to all the Canadians who wrote to the CRTC to give them a piece of their minds. This is WAY better than the hate speech laws.

With Impunity

So American cops working in Canada are not going to be affected by Canadian laws after all, right? When in Rome, do as the fucking Romans do. As long as you’re in my house, you follow my rules.

And to think the War of 1812 did anything. That or the monarchy.

Saskatoon: Earth’s Anus

In recent news, an ugliness has once more resurfaced in the so-called Paris of the Prairies. Joni Mitchell rightfully called out Saskatoon for what it is: extremely bigoted, a place from the deep south. And she’s absolutely right. If Windsor is “earth’s rectum,” then Saskatoon is earth’s anus.

I and a friend of mine used to live there. He and I didn’t know each other back then, but moved to greener pastures around the same time. His name, of course, is Mik. Mik was, in Saskatoon, a struggling filmmaker who had few to no friends and many enemies that preyed upon him due to his non-white ethnic makeup. He was, of course, inspired to work on an epic first film that, to this day, has remained unfinished. It was about bullying, and it was set in Saskatoon. Mik wanted to use local talent, local workers, and local resources, albeit a few from outside the City, to make it. The problem was he was also alone and had few friends and many enemies.

Five years ago, he was subjected to wrongful accusations, wrongful arrests, and wrongful convictions, with his accusers slandering Mik’s “mental illness” and “behavioural problems” in order to discredit him, and the incompetent police, the psychiatric doctors, and the useless, treacherous lawyers (one of whom was manifestly mentally ill) and his own treacherous, controlling granny who has been abusing him psychologically since birth. Two of the accusers were two former friends of his. One of the accusers he was trying to reach peaceful terms with. But because people didn’t think, didn’t care, didn’t read evidence, didn’t ask him any goddamn questions and essentially didn’t do their jobs, he was fucked. Even after the unjust thirty-day time limit to file an appeal which was delayed because of meddling by his granny who refused to do simple tasks while Mik was reeling from psychological deterioration in spite of leaving prison, which made the aftermath of his psychological collapse even worse. Now he’s considering suicide after five years of attempting to file an appeal, and several more months wasted trying to sue the vermin that screwed him. The ever manipulative, fraudulent control freak and sufferer of biased assimilation (the tendency to accept information that confirms one’s prior belief) Peter Garden was among the scum that screwed Mik in the ass by selling him out  to the cops over a flier that was calling for an investigation into the abusive behaviour of a specific police officer, just because one of the people that worked with him found it insulting. In other words, Peter Garden attempted to lay false accusations against an innocent person because he doesn’t like it when the local police forces are insulted, despite being the owner of a book store that caters to the Left and is falsely claiming to fight for change.

Even before this, Mik was royally screwed in every way. His friends were lukewarm at best. The discrimination is very, very subtle, wrapped up on purple oratory. Even the hippies and the goths are like that, with a very deep south, very small town mentality, with everyone knowing each other. Joni Mitchell was spot-on.

The Harper Shuffle

In recent non-news, Harper has shuffled his cabinet, giving the same people different positions because they sucked Harper’s cock the longest, hardest, and best.

For me, the idea of merging the executive branch with the legislative branch is not holding the executive accountable at all, and is merely deplorable. I thought the media, the people (through their votes), and the legislature is supposed to hold the executive accountable, and vice versa, which is how a proper republic should work. A monarch has no merit whatsoever because she’s not elected by the people to represent the country entire. Which is why an elected head of state is fundamentally important in a republican form of government.

Ministers are never chosen based on any credentials or merit, but on how much of the PM’s cock how often and how long they can do it. This is why someone who was, for example, first an Education Minister but then suddenly becomes Justice Minister, like Don Morgan in Saskatchewan. What credentials did this person merit? Why wasn’t Parliament consulted on this, to hold the bastard responsible for anything that his branch does? He isn’t accountable to Parliament because parliament didn’t approve of who would be in charge with, say, health. What’s worse is that these, including the Prime Minister, are composed of MPs. This doesn’t hold cabinet accountable, but rather gives the Prime Minister undue influence in legislating, and denies certain sections of the population their right to have a say in Parliament, even on matters that they and some MPs in the same party would disagree with the PM or the party on. This is a way of muzzling voices in even cabinet.

This is something that has to change. You shouldn’t just shuffle MPs around without consent of Parliament, let alone appoint anyone without Parliamentary consent, or even allow MPs to be Prime Minister or minister of anything. But then again this would be reforming a system of government that should be abolished and replaced with something that works, that wouldn’t have these problems. Don’t start with me on the parliamentary form of government, be them royal or “republican.” There’s nothing different between the two, being both have rubber stamping puppets as ceremonial symbols, and I would never advocate for either that form of republic or for a presidential republic, where the President is both head of state and head of government like that of the United States, whose power is excessive and is almost that of an elected monarch.