Games Lefties Play

Despite the title of this post, let’s get one thing straight: I’m of the left. I am a leftist. I am of the far-left. I am left wing. I am also democratic, which just so happens to be a left-wing idea. I am not a communist or anarchist, nor do I support the systems of anarchy or communism. I believe that government is necessary and fundamental to keep people from hurting each other, and to provide for the common good of all. People want to live freely and happily.

I live in Canada, which is predominantly a culturally left-leaning “country”. But I somewhat identify myself with the left here because there’s some ideas that the majority of leftists support while I object. The most glaring of these is, of course, the monarchy. Almost all leftists in Canada either don’t care about it, are royalist by default, royalist by ignorance, or, like Pierre Trudeau, would want to merely hide it. Only a handful of leftists want Canada to become a republic, yet even here there’s troublesome members of this group. Unlike myself, I am not a communist, nor do I believe in conspiracy theories like Canadian Action Party members do. And finally, I am of the extreme minority, probably of six people who think that the reason a republic is better than a monarchy goes far beyond just fiscal benefits and chronological relevance.

While I agree with a vast majority of leftist ideas, I also equally despise the vast majority of Canadian leftists, majority of whom support monarchy in one way or another. We all know that monarchists aren’t that bright. The majority of leftists use the typical royalist excuses as justification to retaining what is inherently and manifestly undemocratic, unequal and unfree. Power in a monarchy, however powerless it may seem to be, is inherited by blood, regardless of public opinion, unlike a republic where power is earned by ballot, regardless of blood. However democratic or free a society may seem to be under a monarchy, it is not free enough because no one can be free to elect or be elected head of state of their own country. Monarchy is the very antithesis to the principals of the left in general, which are liberty and equality for all. The excuses to have a monarchy are vast and various, yet every single one of them is wrong, and all of them are so morally repugnant and outrageously ridiculous that the very stench of their absurdness outreeks even the most foul of stenches. Of course, then again, the vast majority of Canadians have merely experienced a constitutional monarchy and cannot envision anything else beyond it. Their ignorance of government systems is rather staggering, and gives the conservatives an edge against us because they exploit it and reinforce it. Plus they have money, a fundamental and necessary tool the left, alas, shuns and rejects.


McGimpy Pulls A Harper

I’ve always hated McGimpy. Even before I came to this fair province, the sumbitch was already a troublesome figure in my eyes, a villainous creature that was fundamentally slimy in all directions. The HST, his dismissal of holding a provincial referendum on the HST, the G20, the Secret Law that the undemocratic, unelected, obscure, and politically irrelevant Ontario Privy Council imposed without consent of the provincial legislature, and now this. A couple days ago, because his resignation is so earth shatteringly important, that he decides to suspend the legislature till a new leader for the Liberal Party of Ontario is chosen. What the fuck is this, people? This should cause a provincial uproar, but alas, Ontarians are like people of Saskatchewan: servile, dull, cowardly, and accepting of the abuses of their provincial government. They didn’t even raise a snit when the “secret” law was imposed on Ontario without consent of the provincial legislature for the sake of what was really a federal matter. This is why the executive should be separated from the legislative branch (which can only be possible in a republic). This, and the fact that the federal Minister of Women voted in favour of a motion that concerned the point where life begins.

To be honest, there should be an HST . . . on all goods and services that cost over $100, so that we at least bring some relief to those in poverty, and more burdens to those who are hoarding all the money.

Reason Why Canada Should Abolish the Monarchy #6748

I am so tired of the pathetic excuses conjured by the royalist filth to preserve this vile institution. Among these, of course, is the concept that the monarchy is non-partisan, since we’re somehow too inferior to tolerate or overcome or even take advantage of politics for the better good. There is no possibility that any human being would be remotely politically non-partisan. The best example, of course, is the awarding of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals to a couple of verminous scumbags who are against the women’s right to choose life or abortion. CBC comments on the article have been rather vitriolic, yet only few have ever addressed the rancid reality of monarchy to a hoard of idiots that infect the website of the government-owned broadcasting company.

Our Graceous Queen

Here’s to 60 years of dictatorship! Or, as the royalists would describe it, of “service.” And by “service,” they would mean sixty years of someone who was forced on us without our say or consent not doing anything to hurt us directly, but only allowing us to be hurt by her instruments of power (the G20 in Toronto, anyone?).

Since Canadians are still deluded by the concept of Canada as a country, may I remind you of this from the Preamble of the British North America Act of 1867:

WHEREAS the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have expressed their desire to be federally united into one dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom; and whereas such a union would conduce to the welfare of the provinces and promote the interests of the British Empire.

This is proof, assholes, that we’re not a country. We only pretend to be, thanks to generations of idiots, some of whom were elected Prime Minister, who have been brainwashed by the church-run schools into being obedient loyal to our master that was appointed by blood God without our consent. Yeah, we’re definitely an independent country by promoting the interests of one of the most evil empires in all of history! Not the interests and welfare of the people but of the provinces and Empire. This is in no way the creation of a democratic country.

Stephen Harper a Descendent of Tory Serial Murderers During the American Revolution?

It seems so (pay specific attention to the Descendents section):

Now look, not all people who share the same name are either related, nor, even if they were related, could carry the same traits. Remember, people, this isn’t monarchy. Though could it be possible in Stephen’s case?