The British Monarchy Explained


My Hatred for Yahoo! “News” Is Stronger

Really?! What the fuck, people!

What. The. Fuck.

These are times when I really cry hard for my “country.”

Oh, and in other news, one of the monarchy’s family members has just farted out a baby. Whoop-tee-shit.

Monarchists Are Idiots

Monarchists, like fascists and every other branch of conservatism and centrism, are complete and utter idiots and crazy people. They literally believe in the idea that monarchs are free from corruption simply on the propagandistic garbage they’re fed by the very institution willing to manipulate public opinion to support it. Anyone who adores, admires or loves monarchy is either blind, stupid, crazy, or evil. They hate the idea of the people governing themselves, because they themselves have this slave-master mentality. They not only want to be blindingly obedient to the most frivilous, pettiest, or irrational whims of their rulers, but also want to chain others.

Monarchists are naturally secluded from the rest of the world save for the internet, where they can spread their poison. They’re members of a personality cult, far worse than a celebrity fan club, who deify their ruler, one imposed on them by a deity, without consent of the governed. They want to kill democracy, yet ironically, they are trying to gain public support so that they can kill it with thunderous applause.

Monarchists have blind and total distrust in the election process to such a degree, that anyone elected is an enemy, regardless of their talents, gifts, ideas, merit or contribution. They cling to this myth about such things can be hereditary, that the people should not only have a say in who should govern them, but be forced to accept their rulers blindingly, even in the face of glaring mistakes that politicians make. When a politician makes a mistake, it’s a crime, and they’re thrown out of office or lose the next election. They don’t like that. They don’t like it when the people have a say in who their representatives are, and they don’t like it when authority figures can be thrown out, or shown “disrespect.” Monarchists literally want to murder, torture, intimidate, harass and abuse anyone who has any differences of opinion, or who shows disrespect towards their favorite celebrity, or to anyone authority, or to “traditional values,” which rob the people blind of their right to govern themselves, even at the executive level. “Traditional values” are not reasonable, rational, or logical values.

Monarchists are, to borrow Gore Vidal’s description of Ayn Rand’s followers, simple folk who are easily puzzled by organized society, who hate taxes, who hate the idea of a welfare state. They don’t want their money to be given to an elected government that is obligated to use it for public purposes, but to an unelected government to use as it pleases regardless of the welfare of the people.

Monarchists are a vicious cancer, and should be rooted out, gutted out, cut out and cast out from the national body, so that they don’t molest a free people, nor seek to enslave them. However moderate, they should never be trusted by even the most moderate of republicans.

As for Canadian monarchists, they think that there’s no French people when they talk about “history” or “heritage.” They think that we should sacrifice true independence, and the right of the people to choose their head of state, in the name of “tradition” or “heritage” or “history”, that democracy is merely an American invention. They’re angry at the Americans not because of 1812, which was over the occupation by American forces that wanted to redress grievances with the British, but because the Americans fought and won their independence from the British Crown; monarchists in Canada are angry at them because a people, once private property of the Crown, rebelled and won their independence. Their excuses are, while numerous, baseless, absurd and ridiculous. They don’t realize that under the British monarchy, this pretend state called Canada has in fact been heavily Americanized, yet they revere an object like the British Crown as some idol of worship, and falsely claims it keeps us Canadian. They see French and Native people as mere trophies of conquest, and are only angry at them because, apart from their differences in ethnicity and language, stand up for themselves and are fiercely independent, while the Canadian monarchist disguises his servitude with fake patriotism and empty lip service to democracy and freedom, yet not equality. Finally, the Canadian monarchist literally believes that the British Empire was founded through peace and love.

The Old Whore’s Annual Christmas Message ~ NOW in Pointlessvision!!!

Every year, the Old Whore of Windsor makes an annual address to all her royal subjects on Jesus Day. Last month last year, she did it in 3D.


What on earth was the fucking point to begin with? To impress the young folk? To make her wrinkles or the details of her white hair stand out more? And as usual, a rather vague and heavily scripted message sputtered out, this time about “service” and “friendship,” the nonsense that the scummy lovers of this patronizing wench that isn’t even Canadian love to hear.

And just how the fuck would anyone be watching this in 3D? Were there 3D glasses mailed to every household? Did fuckwits have to  make their own? None of this shit makes sense!

I would’ve only watched it for research purposes, but I’m smarter than that. Wouldn’t want to run the risk of becoming dumber . . . or have the eyes bleed me blind with boredom, the sight of monarchy, and 3D.

God damn the Queen and her fascist regime. And God damn every little bastard member of her cult of personality that nip at her heels and whine about their freedom of speech being attacked whenever someone damns them for being blithe, blathering idiots with inferiority complexes too fragile for even a tender breeze.


Kate, Prince William’s wife, is now pregnant. And the Canadian media has gone haywire over it, gushing with articles about this “exciting news.” If you read Canadian articles about the monarchy, they all become gossip columns, mainly focussing about style or other bourgeois petty soap opera drama. These, folks, rule our country. They didn’t earn power by consent of the governed. Oh no. Some evil fucker somewhere, in an effort to control the common folk and their land as his own property, invented the concepts of divine right and royal birthright. What is royal birthright? Simply put, it is the so-called right of someone to inherit things, land and people as private property. A government office is inherited like some private property. Nevermind self-governance of the people. God, if he exists, does something totally undemocratic and, without consent of the people, who could’ve been consulted with at least, chooses a leader for them. Anyone can claim such a right. No matter what “bloodline” they belong to, they are and should earn their place like everyone else. They aren’t special.

Monarchy in a Nutshell

If Canadians wanted their own version of this photo, they’d replace the indigenous Africans with the indigenous North Americans.

I can’t believe Canadians, especially the young and foolish, went gaga over the royal wedding of this bastard. The media, government and Fascist Monarchist League all are responsible for that, of course, as well as Tom Freda’s ever failing gentle push against something that actually requires a truckload of C4 to remove.

No matter who’s on the throne, no matter how young he is, no matter if he rides a bike or wanted to invite the poor to his wedding . . . this is it. This is monarchy in a nutshell. The masses on the bottom serving those in power. This is also what Canadian monarchy is: an unelected whites-only position, with everyone else under their feet. This is what the enemies of democracy masturbate to, of the sight and act of domination and racial domination, and of yearning to not just be dominated, not just to have someone to rule over them for life, but to dominate and chain others.

This is what a monarchy is like, where the people are naked servants underneath those who think that it is their right to rule over others without their consent.

William’s racist romp looks very similar to this, doesn’t it:

Seriously, motherfucker, those two things attached to your pelvis down to the bone are called legs. Use them, you lazy spoiled little shit.

Olympic Patriotism

On August 4th, I snapped a photo of what I’ve been catching my eye with for days in the display windows of the Bay, from another window on eastbound Queen streetcar during these the Olympic games, because it is one of the most questionable displays of “patriotism” and one of the most sickening sights I’ve ever seen.

Pardon the reflection, but there wasn’t any filtering feature in the camera, which was a cheap digital camera I got from Canon.

Now what place on this blue marble would have the nerve to call itself independent yet feature the emblem and colours of one of their former “mother countries”? Canada, of course, which really isn’t a country anyway. Canada blindly and gladly pretends to be a power, trying to hide the trinkets of the British Empire with the illusion of independence, when we’re really a British colonial outpost with much autonomy but not really independent or democratic. We have our own legislature, our own army, and even our own flag, but we’re still British, regardless of how many French people live within and outside Quebec. The  head of state is the Queen of the United Kingdom, a monarch, which is essentially in every way imaginable and possible undemocratic, as is our senators, provincial chief executives (not to be confused with the chief of provincial government) and the chiefs of some Indian reservations that are scattered broadly across this vast land.

And before you even raise the fact that the Olympic games are being held in London, England of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that other countries, even the shittier ones, wouldn’t go as far as to put up the flag of the country they’re competing against. What this display does show, however, is the reality that Canada is in no was an independent sovereign nation, but to paraphrase Pravda, a British colonial outpost with the Queen, eternally useless and celebrity for doing nothing, smiling on our stamps.

Our Graceous Queen

Here’s to 60 years of dictatorship! Or, as the royalists would describe it, of “service.” And by “service,” they would mean sixty years of someone who was forced on us without our say or consent not doing anything to hurt us directly, but only allowing us to be hurt by her instruments of power (the G20 in Toronto, anyone?).

Since Canadians are still deluded by the concept of Canada as a country, may I remind you of this from the Preamble of the British North America Act of 1867:

WHEREAS the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have expressed their desire to be federally united into one dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a constitution similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom; and whereas such a union would conduce to the welfare of the provinces and promote the interests of the British Empire.

This is proof, assholes, that we’re not a country. We only pretend to be, thanks to generations of idiots, some of whom were elected Prime Minister, who have been brainwashed by the church-run schools into being obedient loyal to our master that was appointed by blood God without our consent. Yeah, we’re definitely an independent country by promoting the interests of one of the most evil empires in all of history! Not the interests and welfare of the people but of the provinces and Empire. This is in no way the creation of a democratic country.