Today is a glorious day in Canadian history as the CRTC denied the northern bastard son of Fox News, the Sun News Network, mandatory carriage for basic cable.

Decent Canadians celebrated after months of speculation and complaints against the TV trash network that spewed tabloid garbage and royalist propaganda equivalent to, as the former, a TV version of Der Stürmer and, as the latter, North Korean exaltation of its own Dear Leader and Eternal President respectively that is now one short of a trinity.

It certainly didn’t help when that fat-assed raving smear-monkey Ezra Levant, who has ultraviolent sexual fantasies of mass murdering every single ethnic, religious and sexual minority under the sun and shade and possibly has ties to neo-Nazis and royalists, colluded with a member from the Harper Cabinet on air to incite hatred and violence against the Roma folk, then pretended to apologize for his raving lunacy. The vile little shit’s been in trouble before, when he wrote an incendiary and inflammatory smear peace against George Soros, who then threatened to sue Levant and the SUN tabloids, to which they did the Canadian thing of cutting, running away, and apologizing to Soros. Soros should’ve sued anyways so that that nomenclatural rip-off of the British tabloid paper would’ve sunk, and Levant would have to live with a wound.

Now give us a few more months before the Sun News Network goes out of business from all the advertising dollars it’s been losing, and hopefully leaves conservatives and the likes of Tom Freda, an ardent centrist and militant sell-out, pissing tears and on their knees. A special thanks to all the Canadians who wrote to the CRTC to give them a piece of their minds. This is WAY better than the hate speech laws.


Monarchy + Propaganda

Monarchy has always promoted itself as flawless, divine, righteous and wise, when it is occupied by human beings who are none of those things, with only a few wise people becoming fewer thanks to our education system. And because of our flaws, we tend to cling to those who are mystified so easily thanks to the constant propaganda machine of Buckingham palace, its minions abroad, and general supporters of an all-perfect ruler that has no need to be chosen by the people.

On April 13th in the morning I read an article from the Guardian, a newspaper from the homeland of our masters, where the reviewer of a play became disturbed by its portrayal of our monarch as a perfect counterpart to the flawed elected officials that are elected to office. In this case, the monarch serves as a therapist to every prime minister that came and went under her reign. These PMs would make frank admissions about their personal lives and political conflicts, with only eternal wisdom spewing from the old whore’s lips through the ages, even though some of it was put in her mouth, the same way monarchists would make up words that came from her mouth.

As elected officials fail to do their job, people are becoming more and more fond of unelected officials to resolve the country’s problems. While a strongman is needed to resolve a countries woes, they should only appear rarely to resolve the issues of the day. To preserve them perpetually would be not only pointless but dangerous, and that their actions cause more problems than resolutions, though inaction would also result in the same thing.

Observe any communist, anarchist, or fascist literature that rails against democracy, and you’ll notice a pattern. Particularly in the realms of fascism and communism, where individualism and individual liberty are regarded as a danger to either everyone else or to the state itself, and you’ll find where the monarchists draw their arguments from.

Canada’s Queen Raids Coffers

Speaking of money, as the royalists cloak the eyes of an unsuspecting and apathetic public (too apathetic to care about the queen, yet too apathetic, cowardly and stupid to do anything about it), Canada’s Queen gets a pay raise … of $58 million.

In a report by Acence France Presse that’s been carried by the Huffington Post, the Old Slag herself is getting what royalists call a 5% raise from all the land she has loaned out to the British government, which in turn had decided to compromise democracy instead of seizing the loot, cash and lands and all.

Pat Martin is … Someone’s Hero

UPDATE: It wasn’t for long until I found out that Pat was merely proposing a change in the Oath to the monarchy, and commented about the Old Whore’s “service.” You know, the one that she inherited, by blood, without consent of Canadians, and that we’re forced to live under it over a variety of dubious excuses that pander to history, xenophobia, backward traditional values, and other garbage.

This is what happens when you only read the headlines. *facepalm*

EARLIER: Pat Martin, the MP from Winnipeg, today called for the severing of ties to the British Monarchy.
This man is awesome. He’s been vitriolic against the Cons and other MPs for years.
For me, though, the only problem is that he’s trying to use the system against itself, which doesn’t always work. In fact, parliament, despite its uselessness, does not care about popular consent. In order to establish a new system, you must first sweep the old system aside. New Constitution, new form of legislature, and an effective, elected head of state that can counter an abusive legislature, apart from elections. But it’s a start.

Keep at it, Pat!

Ze Babies!!! Part Deux

I’m so sick of the Canadian media (especially that ultra-conservative twin of SUNTV called Yahoo! News) has been trying to incite a frenzy among royal cultists/fans over Kate Middleton’s baby. Now it’s about whether it’ll be a girl or not. Not only do I not care, but I think our attention and time would be less wasted if we were to focus on the policies of the baby. Suppose the baby was a transsexual? What is its policies on Canadian . . . oh, wait, that’s right. It’s British. How could we NOT remember that?! This is extremely dangerous, to make monarchy appealing to the youth, especially women who go all giddy about marriage and looking pretty and having babies, who know nothing about politics or democracy. Imagine some decades now, they become royalists because of sickeningly fond memories of . . . well, the news of this. “Oh, I remember how Kate Middleton was having a baby, and whether or not it would be a boy or a girl.” You remembered it, because our shit media, almost all of it which endorsed one of the most corrupt political parties in the dominion in the last federal election, and most evil, deviant, crooked part of the political spectrum in the history of the earth, told you it was, and told you that you should like it.

Brainless fuckups will only admire the royal family. I don’t shit a damn about whether they’re fat old ladies who wish they were young, or thin, or less fugly. To admire this couple, to have this perverted fixation on the sex its baby, and anything royal, is disgusting. People here in Canada are shallow, easily fooled, pretty fucking obnoxious, and easily distracted by shiny objects, in this case the tin hat and stuffed chair that people in a specific family get to inherit, regardless of popular opinion. We’re so pathetic that rather than simply putting our hopes and interests into action by voting for our head of state (and NO! We can’t vote for our prime minister!), we’re hoping the next in line gets something done about climate change or poverty, much like an abused house wife hopes her husband doesn’t gouge out her eyes out like the last time he tried to. And rather than actually doing something about it, we republicans, right now, are merely griping or seeking to compromise because we’re so scared of shedding a drop of blood to get exactly what we want, while howling with pride about how we won a war where we didn’t even exist at the time.



I’ve been a little late on this, I know, but I’ve been preoccupied. Now that time’s on my hands . . .

Late last month, on the 28th of January, one of our beloved PM’s minions unveiled a bill that would change the rules of succession of the British throne by abolishing the requirement of the eldest male child to become next-in-line to the throne, allowing any child first-born, regardless of sex, to become successor. This obviously is an attempt to cash in to the marriage and relationship of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and to make the monarchy popular, which is ironic, considering how undemocratic, anti-democratic and essentially anti-popular monarchy really is. This is something that royalist filth on all sides rejoice in, with left-wing royalists and neo-colonialists who suffer from cognitive dissonance hailing this as a step towards equality (I’m calling you out, Thwap!), while right-wing cancer cells rejoice this as a step in the right direction to appease the ignorant masses with royal pageantry, I honestly couldn’t care less. Whether or not this passes, whether it’s constitutional or not, whether or not first-born children would be allowed to succeed the throne regardless of sex or even sexual orientation (monarchy is anti-gay anyway, with its fixation on heirs and birth-lines and conditioning children to be nothing but next-in-line, even if it means exterminating their ambitions of becoming, say, an astronaut or a doctor), this does not change the fact that monarchy is inherently evil, undemocratic, anti-democratic, elitist, aristocratic, who rules for life, cannot be elected nor removed from office, is at best (or worst) a powerless symbol or at worst a tyrant, and is succeeded by their children regardless of their merit or popular opinion, and that power is inherited, like private property, by blood regardless of popular opinion, rather than earned by ballot, regardless of blood. I don’t care whether or not Kate Middleton is hot. I don’t care if William is hip, of whether he wanted to invite the poor to their wedding, and wanted bike to their wedding. I don’t care if they’re intelligent. The point is I didn’t vote for them, can’t vote for them, because I somehow, for whatever reason, don’t have a right to, as does anyone else.

If you want a female head of state, rather than simply wait until by mere and sheer coincidence and chance one just so happens to be farted out of some royal family member’s womb, just put it to a vote, and vote on the girl with the best and brightest ideas, not the best looks, or the fact that she’s just a girl. There are a lot of ugly people I wouldn’t fuck that I would definitely vote for if they had great ideas and policies, and a lot of pretty people I would definitely have kinky sex with that I would definitely NEVER vote for because of their shitty ideas and policies.

As for you Pommies across the pond, how embarrassed are you? Just how little pride do you have in yourselves, to rely on other “countries” (which are really dominions, colonies that form the skeletal remnants of your once mighty [and evil] empire [as are all empires evil]) to have any say in your monarchy? I mean, come on! Shouldn’t this be Britain’s affair? You’re apprehensive, if not hostile, about the meddlesome nature of the EU, yet somehow you don’t mind countries that are outside the EU, if not far beyond it, to have a say in your affairs? It would be only possible for you to deal with your monarchy alone, if you released your remaining colonies and allowed them to become truly independent, and dissolved your commonwealth.


Kate, Prince William’s wife, is now pregnant. And the Canadian media has gone haywire over it, gushing with articles about this “exciting news.” If you read Canadian articles about the monarchy, they all become gossip columns, mainly focussing about style or other bourgeois petty soap opera drama. These, folks, rule our country. They didn’t earn power by consent of the governed. Oh no. Some evil fucker somewhere, in an effort to control the common folk and their land as his own property, invented the concepts of divine right and royal birthright. What is royal birthright? Simply put, it is the so-called right of someone to inherit things, land and people as private property. A government office is inherited like some private property. Nevermind self-governance of the people. God, if he exists, does something totally undemocratic and, without consent of the people, who could’ve been consulted with at least, chooses a leader for them. Anyone can claim such a right. No matter what “bloodline” they belong to, they are and should earn their place like everyone else. They aren’t special.

Canadians Say Monarchy Don’t Matter — Thank God

Despite the ramblings of them cons that plague the halls of power and the press, some decent news has emerged from a recent poll that showed Canadians care more about their healthcare than the monarchy. From the article by Bruce Cheadle:

“At the other end of the spectrum, just 39 per cent of respondents felt the monarchy was a source of personal or collective pride, while 59 per cent were royally unimpressed. In fact, 32 per cent of respondents found the monarchy “not at all important” — the most popular singular response.”

Though I must ask: why the fuck would royalists even rely on public opinion to back their claims of the supremacy of monarchy when they don’t believe in democracy to begin with, when they support something inherently undemocratic? Because they’re both idiots and retards.